Churchill Hui Business Continuity Statement

As the Coronavirus / COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact everyday life, we have implemented our own business continuity plan in line with government and Public Health England advice. The health, safety and well-being of our people and everyone we interact remains our priority.

As the situation is volatile and unpredictable, we will be monitoring it closely and updating this statement continuously.

UPDATE: Wednesday 13 May 2020

We have reviewed the latest government guidance issued on 11 May 2020 and have updated our Business Continuity Plan accordingly. The information below explains our current working practices.

COVID-19 Executive team

Our Directors are attending the London office on an alternate basis and meeting online to share key information and make both short and long-term plans in response to the evolving COVID-19 outbreak and Government restrictions.

Remote working

Our staff have been working remotely since March 2020. We have in place a cloud-based IT platform and mobile devices for every team member. This is a secure and reliable way to ensure they can access all systems for business continuity.

We see no reason to ask staff to return to the office at this stage and our teams will continue to work remotely unless they absolutely cannot do so from home.

Those staff that find it is essential to attend the office are allowed to do so only if their journey does not involve public transport and are asked to co-ordinate their visit to ensure social distancing can be maintained in the office. We have provided extra hygiene supplies to ensure staff can continue to comply with the recommended Government and PHE hygiene measures.


Our teams should be contacted via email and/or mobile phone. Calls to their direct business line will be forwarded to their mobile phones.


It is our view that for the foreseeable future all meetings should continue to be carried out virtually. We will be using Microsoft Teams, Skype or other suitable medium to conduct all on-going project meetings unless either client or contractor has an alternative conference call/video conferencing facility that we can join.

This has been a culture shift for some, but it is something we have now fully embraced as a business.


Whilst government advice now permits travel on public transport for those that cannot work from home, we have asked staff to travel to site (when necessary) via their own transport. In the event of travel via public transport being the only option, staff will be asked to wear a face covering in line with government advice. We are supplying suitable face coverings where required.

Site Visits

Where our staff must visit site for essential reasons they are asked to comply with our Site Operations Policy, a copy of which can be found on our website.

Office visitors

We are not encouraging visitors to either of our offices at this time. In the unlikely event that a face-to-face meeting is deemed business-critical, we will take measures to assess that visitors are not symptomatic of COVID-19 and adhere to hand washing / hand sanitisation and social distancing guidelines.


Our colleagues are aware they are to self-isolate in accordance with current and emerging UK Government guidance. This is for the benefit of everyone.


As always, should a colleague be sick either with COVID-19 or other illness, our teams will manage resources and workload for the duration of their sickness.


Please do not hesitate to contact us with any queries, bearing in mind that electronic or telephone correspondence is more effective than post in the current climate.

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