For us, sustainability is more than just the practicalities of procurement, materials and energy efficiency. It encompasses emotive and human values too, such as enhancing communities and improving people’s lives.


Sustainability has become the watchword of all new planning and building regulations. Nowhere is this truer than in social and affordable housing. As specialists in the sector, Churchill Hui is fully conversant with the very latest requirements of this legislation. This makes us uniquely placed to provide advice on their implementation in the planning, procurement and construction process.

But we also offer a more visionary perspective. We see our role as going beyond the means by which housing is produced to the eventual appeal and performance of the communities we are helping to create. This includes harmonising with the immediate surroundings and optimising existing local facilities.

The ultimate aim is to ensure that these communities are viable and sustainable in the truest sense, by combining affordability and value for money with quality, reliability and adaptability.